Monday, March 16, 2009

Without the bad things in life, you cannot appreciate the good.

From a personal experience and observation, I just thought I need to write about this because people don’t seem to get it. We tend to forget that this life is not perfect and to make it better someone needs to go through some rough time.

Problems are not meant to destroy us but to educate us. When you go through a rough time, it gives you an opportunity to face the reality and deal with it.

In most situations, problem appears to be the winner. Most relationships are no more today because of problems. People expect their relationships to be perfect and every time they appear not, it’s the end of it.

Here is a piece of advice; never get married to someone that you have never gone through some rough time with. Most relationship don’t survive rough times and its only natural that if you have never experienced some, you will soon. Experiencing them for the first when you are married will do more damage than when you are still dating.
If there is one thing that will make you appreciate more in life is going through bad things. You need to learn the hard way to realize the value of what you have lost then you can start afresh a much better person. When you are going through some bad thing, you need to give yourself time to reflect back and make up your mind if you can afford to lose. People need to date and break up before they get married. Breaking up will give you enough time to decide if you want to be with the person or not. It’s a test of love. If you fail to get back together then that’s it, you need to accept it and move on. It means the problem is much bigger than what you had.

The point is that the bad things help you realise the value of the good things that you had. If you go through rough time and then find that there is nothing good to reflect back on, then you need to move.

Dating its a married rehearsal. If you manage to overcome your differences and problems while still dating, then you are fit for the big one (married). If you fail the rehearsal, then you still have some learning to do. Don't go for the big one before you can pass the rehearsal because the big one is more than challenging.

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